A new look Our new logo symbolises our revitalised Forum

Sunday, Oct 03, 2021

We are proud to introduce our new logo, which reflects a revitalised Forum for the Future of Agriculture, ready for the future challenges and opportunities around sustainability and biodiversity.

Since 2008, we have brought agriculture and the environment together through open dialogue. Our new logo puts agriculture and the environment at the heart of our identity and reflects how our organization has developed and gained a much greater, global reach. We started out holding an event for a few hundred interested stakeholders in Brussels, and today we can reach many thousands through our hybrid events which are both physical and virtual.

In this year of COP26 and the United Nations’ Food Systems Summit, there is greater momentum to tackle the opportunities and challenges
of climate change and biodiversity loss – where agriculture has a vital role to play. With our revitalised organization, supported by our partners, we aim to make a deeper contribution. We feel now is the right time to have a more contemporary brand identity to reflect this.

The butterfly, the air, and the land

The centrepiece of our new logo is a butterfly which symbolises the urgent need for greater sustainability overall, and especially to protect and enhance biodiversity. A butterfly already featured in our original logo – but our new one has evolved to become multi-dimensional. Look closely and you can see the butterfly change into a landscape. The top, pale blue half, is the sky and the green lower half is fields of crops and forests.

Why a butterfly?

We chose to include a butterfly in our logo many years ago because their presence indicates the health of an ecosystem.
We feel their role is more important than ever in a world facing biodiversity loss.

The colours of nature

We have carefully chosen colours for our new branding that represent the importance of nature in tackling climate change, halting biodiversity loss, protecting water, and transforming our food systems to provide nutritious, healthy and safe food for the growing global population.

Growth green: Emphasizes that agriculture needs to be regenerative, protecting our environment while providing food security.

Air and water blue: Draws attention to the potential for agriculture to capture carbon from the air to mitigate climate change and highlights the importance of water in agriculture.

Earth orange: Highlights the importance of healthy soil in capturing carbon and maintaining crop yields.

Our name and our purpose bring continuity

We are still the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (Forum for Ag in brief). Our purpose is as true today as when we were formed – to be the place where agriculture and environment meet for an open dialogue. We have kept this statement in our new logo, linking our evolution with our history.

Our brand refresh will continue to evolve as we integrate our new visuals, colours and photography into all of our communications. Follow us on social media using #ForumforAg for updates.

We are ready for the opportunities and challenges of the future with our new inspiring logo that represents a more sustainable world and the contribution that agriculture can make when it works with our environment, not against it.

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