About our hosts for the Forum for the Future of Agriculture Regional Spain

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

On Wednesday, May 31, The Forum will move to Spain for our next regional event where we will discuss improving biodiversity, water resilience and soil through regenerative agriculture and how sustainable production increases trade. Our hosts for the day will be the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and here we explain a little about their history and the important role they play.

On 24 November 1939, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) was created by means of a Founding Charter, published in the Official State Gazette. CSIC is the successor of the Committee for Extension of Studies and Scientific Research (JAE), created in 1907. The CSIC has continued to lead scientific activity in Spain but gives more importance to applied science than its predecessor.

The mission of the Spanish National Research Council is to promote, coordinate, develop and disseminate scientific and technological multidisciplinary research, in order to contribute to the progress of knowledge and economic, social and cultural development; as well as to train researchers and provide advice to public and private entities in these fields.

The Spanish National Research Council is the main agent responsible for implementing the Spanish System for Science, Technology and Innovation; and in order to undertake this mission, it is authorised to carry out activities aimed at:

  • The generation of knowledge through scientific and technical research
  • The transfer of research results, in particular to promote and create technology-based enterprises
  • The provision of expert advice to public and private institutions
  • The delivery of highly-qualified pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training
  • The promotion of scientific culture in society
  • The management of large facilities and unique scientific and technical infrastructures
  • The presence and representation in international bodies
  • The development of targeted research

We look forward to bringing the Regional Forum for the Future of Agriculture to CSIC on May 31. You can register to join us in person by clicking here.


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